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When young Ria preferred to spend most of her time in her room glued to her gadgets, reduced her interaction with family members, lost interest in academics, developed shortsightedness and became obese Nita realized that her Child was experiencing developmental issues due to excessive screen time. Being a single child Ria did not have a sibling to play with, the house they had rented had no free space or provision for the kids to play or even cycle around. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that children who spent more than two hours a day on screen-time activities scored lower on language and thinking tests, and those with more than seven hours a day of screen time experienced thinning of the brain’s cortex, the area of the brain related to critical thinking and reasoning ( Nita was aware that the virtual schooling as a result of the Pandemic increased her child’s screen time, but the absence of quality play time with friends in a healthy environment made her obese and moody. Nita was certain that the most important criteria in her hunt for her dream home would be the availability of open area and amenities for her child to play, interact and enjoy a happy childhood devoid of gadget addiction.

A big relief to such worried parents comes in the form of The New Gen Homes with amazing amenities for the children, liberating them from the clutches of the gadgets and bringing them out in the open to enjoy a healthy and happy childhood. In a vast beautiful Park that covers many acres of lush greenery, The New Gen homes offer facilities like outdoor play area, and play gym with equipment that cater to every age group of children. Sports arena for badminton, tennis, basketball, cricket ground, skating ring and more encourages kids to actively play their favourite sports with friends. Playing in the open under the sun increases vitamin D absorption and fresh oxygen rejuvenates their lungs, active physical activity helps them be in good health and interacting with other kids improves their social skills and their emotional quotient, two of the very important aspects of a happy life. In today’s world where families are mostly nuclear, parents are working and have only one child, in the absence of friends and a healthy environment to play, kids resort to virtual games and sports. Over a period, they develop anxiety, trouble concentrating and also fall prey to many sharks prying in the virtual world. To help them overcome this issue and also to build a good social network of friends, kids need to socialize, play games and be active in some sports, and this helps them develop sportsmanship, and teaches them to share and care. They understand that winning and losing are part of life and become more emotionally stable.

A visit to Manhattan Condos – The New Gen Homes would unveil the tailor-made Facilities & amenities the New Gen Homes offer specially for the children, helping them enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. This comes as a boon to the new generation of aspiring Home Seekers desiring New gen facilities, and if you are one amongst those, it would be a great loss if you book any property without visiting such Homes.

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  • New Gen Homes that gift your Child a Happy & Healthy Childhood
    New Gen Homes that gift your Child a Happy & Healthy Childhood

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