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Mr. Kumar faced a problem that most of the working professionals encounter these days, the loneliness engulfing the lives of his parents. His usual working days would keep him busy right from 9 in the morning and till late in the evening, since his wife was also working, she too spent a major portion of the day at work. Kids were always busy with studies, their tuitions, arts classes and when free always preferred to be with friends or Gadgets. This brought boredom and loneliness in the lives of his parents who lived with them and to fill this void they were very often glued to the television leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. When Kumar noticed this, it disturbed him and he began to consult his friends and also look online for a feasible solution which would make his parents lead an active live. A big respite came in the form of an Ad of Manhattan condos, the new Gen Homes. Kumar realised that most of facilities he always dreamed of in his dream Home were available in the New Gen Homes.

We Humans are social animals, always in need of an active social life both for physical and emotional health, and this holds true for people of all age. While normal life before the Pandemic was busy but not perplexing, lives after Pandemic are both busy and frightening. Especially during these testing times, the elders at home need an environment where they need not be confined within the walls of the house due to fear, but can leisurely take a walk around the community or chit-chat with their friends within the safety of the Gated Community. A thoughtfully created gated community flat in padur that offers features like Senior citizen hang out area, a beautiful gazebo for these members to meet their friends, discuss on common topics of interest and spend some lighter moments is a big advantage. Library, Yoga classes, and indoor game courts gift these members wonderful moments of joy with like-minded people helping them deal with the day-to-day tensions of lives. It refreshes, quiets and calms their mind. They could host parties in the grand club house , have a quick get-together in kitty party corners for the fun filled lighter moments and grand celebrations in the amphitheatre during festivals which instils life in their otherwise lonely routine, makes them feel better and they could get back to their lives with increased vigour and positivity.

The New Gen Homes with CCTV cameras installed and strict screening of visitors by the security personnel at the gate will have definite advantages over individual houses or the existing Gated apartments. A visit to the Urbanrise Manhattan Condos would unveil the tailor-made Facilities & amenities the New Gen Homes offer specially for the new generation of aspiring Home Seekers. When you are looking for your dream homes, it would be a great loss if you buy anywhere else without visiting these New Generation Homes.

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    New Gen Homes for the colorful twilight years
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