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“Every day the same story of Robbery, murder, theft and child abuse”, exclaimed Anoop as he flung the newspaper across the desk. “It is happening all around us and just by shutting off we cannot pretend to safe”, Namrata retorted, and added on “When this irritates you, it actually scares me to think that we are residing in an individual house where there is no control over who walks in through the gate, and even in case of emergency the neighbour is not easily reachable. Do you know Anoop, when we both are at work, the elders at home are scared to even answer the doorbell! When we buy our own home, I want it to be a very safe one where such untoward incident cannot occur”.

Yes, as rightly said by Namrata, safety and security are one of the most important criteria one considers while buying their dream home, and this is assured by the New Gen homes built to address every safety requisite of the residents. Entry and Exit Gates with security personnel on guard, CCTV cameras placed at strategic points like – entry/exit point of every block in the community, lifts, parking lot, parks, gym, and indoor game courts capture the movement of every visitor service provider and also residents while they move around in the property. Round the clock surveillance of the property, manual surveillance of the apartment community by security persons, especially during the nights, all these safety arrangements enforced in the New Gen Homes ensure the safety of the inmates to a large extend. In many cases the resident welfare association of the community works in tandem with the police station in that locality and as per their instruction demand that the residents submit the photo Id of their service providers like domestic help, driver, cook, so that in case of any eventuality, tracing the problem maker would be easy and quick. In some cases, a Technology friendly welfare association also implements a good Visitor management system for additional safety. The very fact that strict security measures are in place and there is video recording of every person visiting every house in the community instills fear in the mind of criminals and due to this fear of being caught they refrain from committing crimes.

Today’s New Gen families are nuclear, so the security of the elders and kids at home is a major concern for every working couple. In individual homes, the neighbour who lives a few hundred meters away is often a stranger or an acquaintance one meets in a blue moon, however the New Gen homes offer a better social life to its residents, bringing people closer and keeping predators at a distance. The multi-layer security system available in the New Gen Homes addresses the apprehension for safety which is a major consideration (73%) of home seekers while buying their own house. While on the lookout for the dream home, a hasty booking of another property without visiting these Manhattan Condos – The New Gen homes, would be a big loss for the Next Gen Home seeker.

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